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Ice Fog Machine Hire

This is the low lying Ice Fog effect you often see at concerts, plays etc. This is excellent for lighting effects/special effects.


It makes a fantastic entrance for Weddings, Corporate any type of SPECTACULAR ENTRANCE.

Working similarly to a ‘Dry Ice’ effect, this machine will have the floor covered with a reservoir of swirling fog; transforming wedding and disco dance floors to wonderlands and obscuring your venue floor in a settled cloud. This effect boasts versatility with a number of different large or ongoing events, performances and shows, and can spill voluminously over the edge of a stage like a slow-falling waterfall.

As long as the machine is covered, it will perform in sheltered outside areas, such as large marquees, tents or small outdoor stages.

All you need to fuel this machine is ice cubes and ordinary smoke fluid; then the element within the machine cools the smoke to make it denser, thicker and heavier causing the fog to settle at floor-level. Wired timer remote control is supplied to initiate emission.

To find out more about our Ice Fog Machine, Call us to see how we can help!

Cost to hire: £100 +VAT each

To enquire about our Ice Fog Machine for your event, or to place an order, do not hesitate to pick up the phone and give us a call on 0207 118 1717 or email us at
The Dome Event Hire team look forward to hearing from you.


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